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Marketing Check-in: Happy New Year 2020!

ezmeralda lopez dianna mendoza

Happy New Year 2020!

It’s a new Decade! Dianna and Esme would love to wish you a prosperous and healthy 2020! The New Year is bittersweet. It is nice to go forward and make resolutions but it is sad to see another year slip by. I’m making the resolution to slow down and experience pleasurable moments a little longer especially with my kids. Time passes by very quickly and we tend to forget to really enjoy life and our surroundings more. We are so happy and blessed to have gained a lot of new residents this past year and looking forward to the new resident’s that will be moving in this next year. At the villas we have many events throughout the year where you can come enjoy the music, try our dining room, visit with residents, and enjoy each other’s company. One thing that I love about San Clemente Villas is that we are all a family here.

We wish you the best and brightest New Year!

The Marketing Girls
Esme and Dianna

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From the desk of the Executive Director

Jan Mcalister


In this first month of a new year, let’s all vow to be more positive, kinder, to keep on learning and to have fun every day. With that said, I think it’s fun to mull over factoids I maybe didn’t know. Here’s a few to tickle your brain cells.

If you cut down a cactus in Arizona, you be penalized up to 25 years in jail. It is similar to cutting down a protected tree species.

The first movie ever to put out a motion-picture soundtrack was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

pandaAt birth, a baby panda is smaller than a mouse. (see photo)

Forrest Fenn, an art dealer and author, hid a treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains worth over 1 million dollars. It still has not been found.

German Chocolate Cake is named after an American baker by the name of Samuel German.

The first service animals were established in Germany during World War I. References to service animals date as far back as the mid-16th Century.

75% of the world’s diet is produced from just 12 plant and five different animal species.

Tirana, the capital of Albania has a lot of things in common with other European capitals – except one. It’s one of two capitals without a McDonalds. The second is Vatican City.

Blessings to All!
Jan McAlister, Executive Director

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Happy New Year from the “West Indies”

rey santos
lupe ruvalcaba
leslie brazeau

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE “WEST INDIES”! A special thanks to all the San Clemente Villas Residents and families for contributing to our West Indies employee appreciation bonus! All our employees appreciated it so much! We will be celebrating Martin Luther King’s Birthday on January 15th. Happy Birthday to handsome resident Ray R! 1/30/33! He always has a warm smile for you! As we pack up our Holiday decorations and reflect on the past year and all that has occurred, it makes one sit down and think about all of the changes in our lives, some good, some not. It is best to reflect on all that has been a blessing and all the lessons we have learned. In the beginning of the New Year we make a lot of promises to others and to ourselves. Our goals are real and we believe that we will accomplish them. So with positive thought and lots of ambition we settle into the New Year! Now it’s time for New Year’s resolutions! Save money, lose weight and exercise. Just try to get through life the best way you can. Try to take a little more time for yourself! Life passes by so quickly! I don’t know about you but as much as I love the Holiday Season, but I do let out a sigh of relief when it’s passed. Social commitments slow down and it’s time to relax! Enjoy the Season and your family!

From Leslie, Rey, Nurse Joe and all the West Indies Staff have a happy, safe, and healthy New Year!

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Marketing Check-in: Welcome December!

ezmeralda lopez dianna mendoza

Welcome December!

Being Santa!

Being Santa must be fun!

Giving gifts to everyone

And riding on a magic sleigh

Jingle jingle all the way.

He’s read a billion Christmas lists,

Employed some elves to wrap the gifts,

Fed the reindeer, tied his boots

And slipped into his nice red suit.

Setting out on Christmas Eve,

Flying over towns and trees,

To every place, down every road

To all the children round the globe.

It’s such a feat of dedication

Speeding to each destination

With a smile upon his face

Then onwards, to another place.

When he’s been all round the world

To every boy and every girl

And left some presents to be found,

His work is done; he’s homeward bound!

Mince pies and milk, he’s had plenty.

His heart is full, his sack is empty.

He cheers as he returns, a winner.

Home in time for Christmas dinner!

“Being Santa” is a short Christmas poem

by English Poet, Ms Moem

Merry Christmas to everyone from Dianna Mendoza and Esmeralda Lopez

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From the desk of the Executive Director

Jan Mcalister

A HOLIDAY QUIZ from the desk of the Executive Director

Have a little fun! Get a piece of paper and write down all your answers. Then check them all with the answers listed in another section of the newsletter.

1. According to the poem “Twas The Night

Before Christmas,” which is not one of

Santa’s eight reindeer?

A. Prancer

B. Comet

C. Archer

D. Cupid

2. Roughly translated, the song title of the

New Year’s Eve standard Auld Lang Syne


A. Peace be With You

B. Good Old Times

C. Best Wishes to You

D. Watch Your Back

3. It is said that the Three Wise Men (also known as Magi) came to Bethlehem

bearing what three gifts?

A. Goats, sheep, and song birds

B. Silk, wine, and perfume

C. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh

D. Corn, camel hair, and olive oil

4. Who is credited with writing the 1857 version of the song Jingle Bells,

which went on to become one of the most performed and recognizable holiday

songs in history?

A. James Lord Pierpont

B. John Philip Sousa

C. Frank Bridge

D. Stephen Foster

5. Turkey makes for a favorite holiday feast. Which two states lead the U.S.

in turkey production, combining to account for about 32 percent of all


A. South Carolina and Tennessee

B. Indiana and Ohio

C. California and Arkansas

D. Minnesota and North Carolina

6. Which statement concerning Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is not


A. He had a very shiny nose

B. He first appeared in 1937 in ads for General Electric

C. He was forbidden from playing “Reindeer Games”

D. He was created to promote Montgomery Ward department stores in 1939

7. According to Dr. Seuss, the Grinch is “cuddly as a cactus” and has “termites

in his smile.” But what is the No. 1 reason for him disliking Christmas?

A. His dog Max is allergic to wreaths

B. He was once poisoned by arsenic in his eggnog

C. All the Hoos in Hooville sing out of tune

D. His heart is two sizes too small

8. Which is not an ingredient in traditional plum pudding (also known as

Christmas pudding)?

A. Plums

B. Eggs

C. Raisins

D. Suet (beef or mutton fat)

9. According to Forbes, the top-grossing Christmas movie of all time is?

A. Elf

B. White Christmas

C. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

D. The Polar Express

10. According to Billboard Magazine, the artist with the best-selling Christmas

album of all-time is?

A. Nat King Cole

B. Mariah Carey

C. Bing Crosby

D. Elvis Presley

Blessings to All!
Jan McAlister, Executive Director

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Welcome December from the “West Indies”

rey santos
lupe ruvalcaba
leslie brazeau

Christmas is an exciting time of the year with family, friends, lights, decorations, cheery music and festive holiday meals! This is the one day of the year to remind us we have so much to be thankful for! So, what is the spirit of Christmas? The answer can be said in one sentence “Giving without the thought of getting”. In the West Indies that means serving and giving with extra love and care. We know this is what makes the residents feel the spirit of Christmas! December is a very busy month for all of us. Our residents will be taking photos on 12/7 with Santa and enjoying a special family Christmas party on December 19th with their loved ones. We’ll be decorating cookies and singing Christmas songs! Christmas time brings up many Holiday memories, so I asked the residents to share a favorite one! Viola M. said “I loved riding to church in our sleigh and singing Christmas songs with the choir”! Eleanor W. enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree with her family. Her favorite Christmas ever was when she was 10 years old and got a new bike! Happy Birthday to Bobby K. on 12/10/32! May your family Holiday’s be filled with joy and peace! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Remember, its not what’s under the tree that counts that matters, It’s who is gathered around it! Blessings to All!

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Marketing Check-in: Welcome November!

ezmeralda lopez dianna mendoza

Welcome November!

I am so thankful for my family, my brother and nieces, my sister in laws and my friends. I am grateful for my job, health and the amazing experiences I have had in my life. But most of all I am grateful for the incredible parents I had. Esmeralda Lopez

A Thanksgiving Poem
May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump
May your potatoes and gravy
Have not even one lump
May your yams be delicious
May your pies take the prize
But most of all…
May your Thanksgiving dinner

Esmeralda Lopez, Director of Marketing & Dianna Mendoza, Marketing Assistant

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From the desk of the Executive Director

Jan Mcalister

Happy Thanksgiving San Clemente Villas!

From Jan’s Desk It’s Fall, the heat of summer, for the most part, has passed. It’s now time to plan our Thanksgiving feasts, those wonderful, traditional foods we have on Thanksgiving Day: Turkey with cranberry sauce, dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, sweet potatoes (yams), ham, apple salad, pumpkin and pecan pies. Generally, I can’t wait until Thanksgiving to have my favorites, so I will “jump the gun” and cook a turkey before the actual holiday. At San Clemente Villas, Salvador, our Director of Food Service Director extraordinaire, is planning a special Thanksgiving meal as well for the lunch hour. He and the Dining Room Staff do a terrific job of preparing those traditional dishes we like and his staff serves them with love! Please tell your family and friends to make their reservations early if they are planning on having their Thanksgiving meal here. I also want to remind residents Salvador has a “Food for Thought” meeting on the 3rdWednesday of every month at 1:00 p.m. in the library. Those meetings give you, as a resident, one on one time to express your wishes to Salvador. If you would like to plan a tour of his kitchens, please let him know! Let’s all think of something we are thankful for this year. For me, it is the fact I have a very large extended family and we all care about each other! We are fortunate to live in the U.S.A., in Southern California, and in particular to live or work at San Clemente Villas by the Sea! I’d also like to encourage everyone to remember the military, past and present, and their families on Veteran’s Day (November 11th) and always. We will be having a program in the Lobby on Veteran’s Day. Check the calendar for more information.

Blessings to All!
Jan McAlister, Executive Director

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Welcome November from the “West Indies”

rey santos
lupe ruvalcaba
leslie brazeau

We hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful month of November! I love this time of year because we get a little break from the Southern California heat waves! Happy Birthday to beautiful residents Jacqueline H. 11/6 and Viola M. 11/21! We will be celebrating Veterans Day on November 11th! It is a day to be proud and to give thanks to those who served our Country! Then November 28th enjoy your amazing Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends. It is time to turn on our ovens and enjoy good comfort foods for your Thanksgiving celebrations. It is a great day to share with friends and family that for which you are thankful! I asked some of our residents to share something they are thankful for. Oscar A. said “I am very thankful that everyone here is so nice to me!” Faye H. replied “I am thankful to have my children!” Eleanor W. said, “ I am happy for my health and to be able to live here were I am happy!” For me, being thankful in this day and age is so important. We don’t know how long we have. So live each day to the fullest! Do more of what you want to do! Tell your family and friends how much they mean to you! We don’t know what tomorrow has to hold for us!

Blessings to all! From Leslie and all the West Indies Staff and Residents!

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Marketing Check-in: Welcome October!

ezmeralda lopez dianna mendoza

Welcome October!

Falling leaves are summer waving goodbye. So that means that this month calls for colder weather, hot cocoa, warm blankets, cozy sweaters and everyone preparing for a spooky Halloween. It’s always fun to be a part of Halloween. Whether it’s preparing your home with all the scary decorations, lights, chocolates and candies or being the parent/grandparent taking the kids out to trick-or-treat, seeing their gleaming faces when receiving treats and how astounded they are by all the décor, lights, and others costumes. Here at San Clemente Villas, we hope everyone has a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN. We also wish San Clemente Villas a Happy 17th Anniversary!


[to the tune of “On Top of Old Smokey”]

Esmeralda Lopez, Director of Marketing & Dianna Mendoza, Marketing Assistant

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Welcome October from the “West Indies”

rey santos
lupe ruvalcaba
leslie brazeau

Happy 17th Anniversary to the San Clemente Villas serving residents and the community for 17 years! It’s a wonderful place to call home, with a caring, loving staff! October will be a busy month kicking off with our Oktoberfest celebration on 10/3! There will be lots of fun, music and great food, so be sure to stop by! We will be celebrating Columbus Day 10/14! Happy Halloween 10/31! Residents will be looking forward to fun activities and carving pumpkins!! Happy Birthday to beautiful Faye H. 10/4/35, Carrie P. 10/19/59, Yury L. 10/24/37, Oscar A. 10/25/26, and Marguerite R. 10/27/32! I would like to say thank you to our West Indies staff for showing both empathy and compassion toward our residents. A feeling of understanding and togetherness is seen in many ways throughout our day! Enjoy this beautiful weather and have a safe and Happy Halloween!

From Leslie and all the West Indies Staff and residents!

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From the desk of the Executive Director

jan mcalister

Happy Anniversary San Clemente Villas!

I would like to congratulate Aileen and the rest of the Brazeau family on what an accomplishment San Clemente Villas by the Sea is after 17 years! I remember “the vision” Aileen and Paul Brazeau had for building their own Assisted Living Senior Community because I met Aileen in 1999 when she stopped in for a tour at another large community where I was working. In her usual enthusiastic way she said, “I’d like to take a tour of your building because my husband and I are thinking about building an assisted living community ourselves.” Then, in the year 2000, I ended up working for them on Saturdays at the “corner trailer,” helping to rent apartments that weren’t even built yet. It was exciting seeing the Community being built from the ground up and meeting all the anxious “soon to be” residents and their families. Little did I know, it was a community I would be working at eventually full time and really loving my job and what I do. There is no assisted living community like “The Villas!” Here’s to another 17 successful years! Let’s celebrate this month!

Jan McAlister, Executive Director

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Marketing Check-in: Fall is Coming!

ezmeralda lopez dianna mendoza

Fall is Coming!

For most of us, September makes us think of back-to-school preparations and the upcoming Fall holidays. We also think of New York as it will be 18 years since the 9/11 tragedy. It’s true what they say.You don’t remember what you did one week ago but you will never forget what you were doing that morning of 9/11. I was getting ready for school and my grandma usually made my breakfast. Well, not that morning. She was sitting in front of the TV crying and I remember asking her what was going on. That day at school no one did any work, all classes had the TV on watching the news. It was a horrible day. Please take time this month to honor our emergency personnel, i.e. fireman, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, police, hospital staff, armed forces, the Red Cross as well as the many emergency non-profit organizations. San ClementeVillas would like to thank our First Responders for being there for all of us!

Esmeralda Lopez, Director of Marketing & Dianna Mendoza, Marketing Assistant

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From the desk of the Executive Director

jan mcalister

Dear Residents, Families and Staff,

September is the month I think of students of all ages returning to school and the possibility they may meet someone or already have a friend who will become a lifetime one! When I was in the 4th grade, I met a girl who became my best friend and has been near and dear to me for 50+ years! She knows who she is, so I won’t mention her name in my article, but I wanted to pay special tribute to her since this is her birthday month as well! She is a person that has seen me through thick and thin, only a phone call or text away if I need to talk. We, as best friends, have had our ups and downs over the years, but truly, aside from family, she is someone I can trust completely with those confidentialities I confess to her. I have probably laughed the loudest and hardest with this person…. her sense of humor is beyond funny! She is a gracious host when you visit her at home and has incorporated me into her very large family. I am simply known as, “Aunt Jan”. I can only advise the younger generation to cherish your friends you meet along the way in school….go to the family weddings, the funerals, the birthday parties! Stay in touch however you can. You will be blessed and so will they!

Jan McAlister, Executive Director

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Welcome September from the “West Indies”

rey santos
lupe ruvalcaba
leslie brazeau

We hope everyone enjoyed their summer! Autumn season is here and it’s time to cool things down! September will be a busy month kicking off with Labor Day Monday the 2nd! Residents will be enjoying a barbeque on the patio and a beautiful scenic drive! We hope you get a chance to kick back, relax and enjoy your family and friends! School will be starting soon! I asked some of our residents to share a memory about being in school! Viola remembers walking over a mile every day to school. In the winter her dad had to drive her on the tractor because the snow was too deep to walk through! Faye’s favorite time at school was with her 6th grade teacher. They kept in touch for years. She made Faye a special glass bowl for her wedding! Martha played cards in High School with her friends and usually won! Happy birthday to resident Carmen B. 9/17/38 also employee Ana Mendoza on 9/11, and Leslie Brazeau 9/27! Everyone have a wonderful month! Make it a September to remember!

From Leslie and all the West Indies Staff and residents!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day from the “West Indies”

rey santos
lupe ruvalcaba
leslie brazeau

We would like to give a warm welcome to new residents Maureen F. and Karin H.! Also Happy Birthday to beautiful Sandy on March 20th!

We are looking forward to Daylight savings timeMarch 10th bringing us more sunshine throughout the day. How exciting! Spring is in the air, beginning March 20th warmer weather ahead! Residents will be relaxing on the outside patio, feeling the warmth of the sunshine and a breath of fresh air!

Well the “Lucky month of March” has arrived! We have leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold lurking among us! There seems to be a little bit of Irish in all of us celebrating and having fun! Make sure you wear green or you’ll get pinched! Do you know why? The country of Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle; therefore countrymen are expected to wear green in honor of their country. If you do not wear green your fellow countrymen will pinch you to remind you that you are of Irish descent.

Our residents have weekly visits from pet therapy dog Andy! We also have a new batch of baby birds, and they are singing away sharing with us their gift of song!

One thing I have learned from working here in the West Indies is that it’s not how much you have it’s how much you can give.Love, compassion, a hug or a simple smile is priceless and doesn’t cost anything!

The West Indies Staff and residents wish everyone a wonderful March! As always, with love, Leslie, Rey, Lupe and the entire W.I. staff!

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Famous Animator Don Lusk Dies at Age 105 in San Clemente

Resident of San Clemente Villas by the Sea

Don Lusk in this undated image. Photo: Courtesy of Slip Lusk via The Hollywood Reporter 

 If you’ve ever seen one of Disney’s classic films or Hanna-Barbera shows or some of the Charlie Brown editions, there’s a good chance Don Lusk worked on one of them. Lusk’s career as an animator includes a staggeringly impressive list, such as Bambi (1942), Fantasia (1940), and Alice in Wonderland (1950).

 But it was San Clemente where he ended up spending his final years. Lusk died on Dec. 30 at the San Clemente Villas by the Sea at age 105, according to close friends and entertainment media outlets.  According to his close friend, Juliette Paskowitz—the widow of famed physician and surfer Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz—she befriended Lusk during his final years, as they both resided at the San Clemente Villas.

“He’d been here five years, and I’ve known him for three, and one of my young sons who is an artist and gave him a beautiful painting,” Paskowitz said. “We were so close. I knew all about his life, wife, children, and he confided in me. Like Josh (her son) says, he was such a unique person.”

Paskowitz said due to random and assigned seating, she was introduced to Lusk for the first time a few years ago. While she said she didn’t think she belonged at the residence that is meant for retired people, she quickly found companionship with the famed cartoonist.

 “I came downstairs for dinner and came to see my son, Izzy, and he said, ‘Pretend like it’s the first day of school,’ and he introduced me and, you know, I never realized that behind all those gray hairs are beautiful stories, and I’ve met so many good friends here, including Don. He was just amazing and so smart and so funny.”

Don Lusk, left, with Juliette Paskowitz in this recent photo taken at San Clemente Villas by the Sea. Photo: Courtesy of Juliette Paskowitz 

 Paskowitz said then-post-centenarian Lusk would tell her all kinds of stories, not necessarily related to his work with Disney, Hanna-Barbera and other entertainment titans. She said although he would ask for seconds when they had wine with dinner, he would frequently share.

 “After the other people would leave, he was so slow to finish, so I always sat by him, and we would go through the tales of his life together,” Paskowitz said, adding that their friendship was like two spirits passing each other between this world and the next.

Lusk’s career may be the most complete of any animator in history. He was a character animator for Lady and the Tramp (1955) and worked on episodes and movies of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang, The Jetsons—

Details of Lusk’s memorial were not available.

San Clemente Villas by the Sea
January 2, 2019

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