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Happy New Year from the “West Indies”

rey santos
Lupe Ruvalcaba
leslie brazeau

We would like to give a special thank you to all the San Clemente Villas Residents for their contributions to our Employee Bonus! It was very much appreciated! I would like to thank all our employees who have been working during COVID-19, we know you have worked very hard and we truly admire your dedication, “thank you for a job well done”. We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to resident Ray Rapeepat on January 30th he will be 88 years young! He always has a warm smile for you! As we pack up our Holiday decorations and reflect on the past year and all that has occurred, it makes one sit down and think about all the changes in our lives, some good, some not. It is best to reflect on all that has been a blessing. In the beginning of the year we make a lot of promises to others and to ourselves, our goals are real and we believe that we will accomplish them. Try to settle into the New Year with positive thoughts and lots of ambition! Have a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!

From Leslie, Rey, Lupe and all the West Indies Staff

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the “West Indies”

rey santos
Lupe Ruvalcaba
leslie brazeau

Christmas is an exciting time of the year with family, friends, lights, decorations, cheery music and festive holiday meals! This is a day of the year to remind us we have so much to be thankful for! So, what is the spirit of Christmas? The answer can be said in one sentence “giving without the thought of getting”. In the West Indies that means serving and giving with extra love and care. We know this is what makes the residents feel the spirit of Christmas!

Remember it’s not what’s under the tree that counts what matters is who is gathered around it!

May your family Holidays be filled with joy and peace! Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Blessings to All!

From Leslie, Rey, Lupe and all the West Indies Staff

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  • Experts note that the novel coronavirus, the flu, and allergies have different symptoms.
  • The main symptoms of the novel coronavirus are fever, tiredness, cough, and shortness of breath.
  • Allergies have more chronic symptoms and include sneezing, wheezing, and coughing.
  • The flu has symptoms similar to the novel coronavirus, such as fever and body aches, but influenza usually doesn’t cause shortness of breath.

If you have a runny nose or itchy eyes, it doesn’t mean that you have covid. However, if you have a cough, fatigue, and a fever, you might have COVID-19. Then again, it could also be seasonal flu. “Not all symptoms are created equally.

While it might seem like you have coronavirus, you may simply be experiencing seasonal allergies or influenza,” “There are many symptoms of cold, flu, and COVID that are similar, and it may be difficult to distinguish,” “They’re all caused by viruses, but different viruses cause each of these infections.”

“However, one key difference between the three is a symptom of coronavirus is shortness of breath “Shortness of breath is a common sign of COVID-19 which occurs prior to the development of pneumonia. Generally, the flu or a cold does not cause shortness of breath unless it has progressed to pneumonia, in which case you’ll also want to contact your healthcare provider.” “Influenza does mimic COVID-19 very closely, but the shortness of breath is not usually as severe as it is with COVID-19 With COVID-19, shortness of breath often occurs 5 to 10 days after the first sign of fever.

If you have not received your annual flu vaccine please notify the Wellness Dept. We will be happy to reach out to your physician to obtain an order and administer it to you. Please report any signs and symptom of Covid, Flu or allergies to the Wellness department immediately.

Please remember to wear your mask over your nose and mouth when on commom areas.

Director of Clinical Services
Cara Deiro, LVN ext. 103

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Happy Thanksgiving from the “West Indies”

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rey santos
Lupe Ruvalcaba
leslie brazeau

We would like to give a warm welcome to new resident Felice R. and Carolyn C.! Happy Birthday to beautiful residents Jacqueline H. 11/6, Carolyn C. 11/20 and Viola M. 11/21 also employee Liza 11/22! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful month of November! I love this time of year because we get a little break from the Southern California heat waves!

We will be celebrating Veterans Day on Nov, 11th! It is a day to be proud of and give thanks to those who served for our Country! On November 28th enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with your family and friends! It is time to turn on the oven and enjoy some good traditional comfort foods for your Thanksgiving celebrations. It is a great day to share with each other the things that you are thankful for!

I asked some of our residents to share something they are thankful for. BettyM. said she really doesn’t have any family around, so she is thankful for everyone here at the Villas and feels at home! Yuri L. is very thankful to have his daughter Lana, she is so helpful! Viola M. is thankful of how hard her family of 12 children worked together to keep things going over the years! Felice R. is very thankful to have her wonderful husband!

From Leslie, Rey, Lupe and all the West Indies Staff

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Happy 18th Anniversary San Clemente Villas from the “West Indies”

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rey santos
Lupe Ruvalcaba
leslie brazeau

The San Clemente Villas has been serving residents and the community for 18 years! It's a wonderful place to call home with a caring and loving staff!We would like to give a warm welcome to Jane C.! Happy October Birthdays to our residents Faye H. 10/4, Anne G. 10/10, Caroline P. 10/19,Yuri L. 10/24, OscarA. 10/25, andMarguerite R. 10/27! I would like to focus on memories from our residents with October Birthdays! (Coincidentally, we don’t have any residents with September birthdays!)

Oscar A. looks great for 94 years of age! His daughter Gilda said her father was an uncomplicated man. He loved having the kids around, it was painful for him when we grew up and left home. Tears ran down his cheeks as he took photos of her wedding knowing she would be departing for an overseas assignment.

Beautiful Marguerite R. age 88 remembers going to a pet adoption place on her birthday and falling in love with a dog named Gigi. Her friend adopted Gigi and let Marguerite help care for the dog! Beautiful Faye H. is age 85. Her favorite thing to do on her birthday was to have her kids and grandchildren over to enjoy a special meal of her husband’s perfectly grilled barbeque ribs! It is a memory that will last forever!

Anne G., so cute! She’s 84 said she really enjoyed going to watch horse racing on her birthday! Her favorite race was the Kentucky Derby! Caroline P., so pretty! When she was 61 she drove to Mexico for her Birthday party. A dog kept running in and out of the party multiple times and everyone kept putting him back outside.When Caroline went to her car to head home the dog was in it. She named him Buddy. He ended up being the love of her life for 13 years!

Lana, daughter to handsome Resident Yuri L., age 94, said he always made sure that everyone was happy and having a great time at the birthday! He was full of life, had positive energy and lit up the room! He was the most gracious host and the life of the party. His last memorable birthday was spent in Mexico with his family. He loved swimming every day and eating at the Dessert Buffet with his grandchildren. “Love you dad!”

I know it has been very difficult and worrisome during this uncertain time with the coronavirus and knowing we don’t have any control over what is going on. Try to keep your faith, things always have a way of passing!

I would like to thank all the staff at the San Clemente Villas for working so hard together, trying to keep everyone safe and accommodate their needs.

From Leslie, Rey, Lupe and all the West Indies Staff

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October Covid Activities Update

October Activities

We will continue to follow Orange County Health Department guidelines of wearing masks covering mouth and nose to activities. Be sure to wash your hands before arriving. Activities will be either spaced, or outdoors or both. Remember, that the goal is to prevent the spread of anything from one person that might infect another. Our plans for safe activities are:

2020 october activities

Watch the “whiteboard” by front desk daily!

We will also have: Scenic drives; Residents can schedule window visits or “Face Time”/“Zoom” visits (see activities or front desk); One-on-One help with a chaperoned walk, help with shopping, computer, or cellphone issues, etc.; and we will be having a Halloween party! Details to be given during October.

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San Clemente Villas Evolving Preventative Response to COVID-19

As the response to COVID-19 continues to evolve, we are amending our responses to keep up with each new update.  With guidance from the CDC, WHO and Federal, State and County government and public health organizations, we are working hard to anticipate and implement ongoing preventative measures.  As we all continue to better understand how to help slow the spread of COVID-19, we are focused on doing all we can to help protect our communities, our residents and staff.

At San Clemente Villas by the Sea, the health and wellness of our residents and staff is our top priority and for that reason we have made the difficult but necessary decision to limit resident visits to only essential visitors. We are asking all non-essential visits to be postponed to a later date. 

Essential Visitors Are Defined As: Adults over the age of 18 who are medical providers, hospice care providers, or visitors of residents who are at the end of life.

  • All essential visitors must stop at the Concierge Desk, answer detailed health and travel screening questions and have their temperature read.
  • Those essential visitors that do not pass the screening process or have a fever greater than 100.4 will not be allowed to visit.
  • Essential visitors should visit in resident’s room, not in common areas and follow appropriate precautionary and social distancing measures.

We have also temporarily suspended dining in our onsite dining rooms. Instead, we will be providing residents a selection of menu choices through complimentary room service delivered directly to their apartment at no additional charge.

We have increased the frequency of our extensive cleaning procedures beyond our previously implemented precautionary measures.  Our staff’s consistent and purposeful approach has helped reassure our residents and families that we are working around the clock to ensure their wellbeing.

As we navigate these new guidelines together, staying connected is now more important than at any other time. Within our communities, we are helping our residents embrace technology, such as setting up FaceTime and Skype options with family and friends, helping to navigate online orders or even trying out virtual classes. For our families, we have initiated a new contact system called Call-Em-All.  This system allows us to send you text messages with updates regarding measures being taken to protect our residents during this time. We will also continue to post updates here on our website.

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